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Shop for Yardbirds, H&K sculptures, birdhouses, bird feeders and unique gifts.

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Browse for a unique bird, cat, critter, dog and wild animal sculpture.

Yardbirds Original Creations including Junkyard Bird, Cat, Critter, Dog, Kitten, Puppy, Wild Animal, Clocks, Coat Racks, Keyholders, Pet Feeders, Pot Holders and Unique Wine Holder Sculptures.

Bandana Yardbirds unique handmade junkyard sculpture creations will liven up your home and garden! Animal sculpture creations include yard birds, cats, critters, dogs, kittens, puppies, wild animals, clocks, coat racks, keyholders, pet feeders, pot holders and unique wine holders. Each Yardbirds sculpture creation is unique, whimsical, and guaranteed to bring pleasure to the owner. A Yardbirds sculpture is a great conversation piece; many people have fun identifying the parts cleverly used to make them and they marvel at the way a simple tilt of the head can give a sculpture so much personality.

Scrap metal and recycled parts are mostly used for the creation of bird, cat, critter, dog, kitten, puppy and wild animal sculptures. These creations are considered as a good way of contributing to the environment by preventing rejected metal parts from ending up in the landfill. They also do wonders for improving the looks of their owners' homes or yards. We have recently added unique cat, dog and horse wine holders to our collection. All yard birds and Junkyard Dogs and Cats are proudly handcrafted in Kentucky!

The medium is metal sculpture. Some of the materials used include garden tools, car parts, farm implements, bicycle parts and mufflers.

We believe that the things that make us the happiest in life when we obtain them are not always the necessities of life, but usually the things that we do not need make us the happiest. And that's what Yardbirds sculptures are all about - happiness!

H&K Steel Sculptures, including unique wine bottle holders and caricatures of bathroom delights, living, musicians, professions, sports and wings & wheels.

H&K Steel Sculptures and Wine Caddies instantly personalize and tastefully decorate your home and office. The unique wine bottle holders and caricatures of sports, professions and other subjects add warmth and individuality to their surroundings. These are handmade, limited editions.

Free Shipping Offer on these unique, decorative & premium bird, bat, butterfly, ladybug houses and wild bird feeder products by Coveside, Heartwood and Lazy Hill Farm. Any of these products will enhance your yard and gardens, while attracting your favorite wild birds, bats, butterflies, or ladybugs. All products are built to endure the outside elements, while providing you with several years of pure nature enjoyment. If you want to add beauty to your yard with a prestigious bird house with value, browse our Heartwood line or the Lazy Hill English Dovecote bird houses by Lazy Hill Farm.

Decorative and traditional bird feeders offered include bluebird, classic, copper, decorative, fruit, globe, hummingbird (traditional and hand-blown glass), fly-thru, hopper, meal worm, platform, squirrel proof feeders (cage, metal, plastic and entertaining), suet and tube style bird feeders (sunflower seed, blended seed, peanut and thistle), window and woodpecker wild bird feeders.

Decorative and traditional bird houses offered include bluebird houses, chickadee birdhouses, wren bird houses, titmouse, owl houses, purple martin houses, wood duck houses, woodpecker, decorative birdhouses, copper top houses, manufactured by Coveside, English Dovecote, Heartwood, Lazy Hill Farm and more!

Birding Watching Supplies

If you are looking for bird watching supplies, such as poles, binoculars & spotting scopes, squirrel baffles, birdbath drippers, bird misters, or squirrel resistant cages for tube bird feeders, you have come to the right place.

Unique Home Decor and Garden Decor Gifts

Our site carries several Unique Gifts including collegiate birdhouses & birdfeeders, singing bird clocks, yardbirds junkyard dogs, cats and critters, hammocks, hats, jewelry, mugs, posters, pottery, yard art and more.

Garden decor items include copper arbors, armillary, faucets, fountains, furniture, garden ornaments, copper gazebos, gazing globes, decorative hose holders, garden stakes, stepping stones, sundials, trellises, weathervanes and unique yard art.

Items for your home decor include boot brushes, indoor/outdoor clocks, singing bird clocks, country bells, home decor items, copper hand-blown glass plant starters, sun catchers, tea lanterns, indoor/outdoor thermometers, thermometer clocks, hats, shirts and adjustable wind chimes.

In addition to English Dovecote bird houses, Backyard Birds & Discovery Center offers hundreds of decorative and traditional bat houses, bird houses, bird feeders, butterfly houses and ladybug houses to choose from. We also offer a large variety of products for your yard, including bird baths, garden stakes, junkyard animals, stepping stones, sun catchers, weathervanes, whirlwinds, wind chimes and wind directionals, to name a few. Popular brands include Coveside, FIGI, Heartwood, Lazy Hill Farm, YardBirds Bandana and Whitehall.

Bird baths offered include deck mount, hanging, heated, standing and sundial. They come in traditional, terra cotta, copper, metal and decorative styles. Some of the brands include Akro Mills, Allied Precision, Artline, Opus and Whitehall.

Educational, Entertaining, Bird Watching Items and Children's Discovery Kits

Discovery and educational Items can also be found at Backyard Birds & Discovery Center, including bird house and wild bird feeder kits, birdsong identiflyers, singing bird clocks, ant farms, butterfly gardens and pavilions, books, tapes, CD's and more!

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Couch Potato Wine Caddy by HK Sculptures

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Basketball Wine Caddy by HK Sculptures

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Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker

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Motorcycle Rider Wine Bottle Holder

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Teacher Wine Bottle Holder by HK Sculptures

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Smiley Forest Face by Woods

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