• Cat Doorbell - Hand-painted
  • Coveside Deluxe Mirrored Windowsill Bird Feeder
  • Birds Choice Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
  • Executive Business Card Holder
  • Mahogany Chateau Birdhouse by Heartwood
  • Lazy Hill Bird House by Lazy Hill Farm
  • Smiley Forest Face by Woods
  • Glass-eyed Cat Feeder by YardBirds
  • Automatic Cat Dog Feeder
  • Toad Sitting with Knob Accent
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Yardbirds Sculptures

Hand Painted Jewelry

Hand Painted Jewelry
Biker Bar Birdhouse

Biker Bar Birdhouse - The birds in your yard will love making this Route 66 biker bar their home! This whimsical birdhouse features all the trimmings of a smokin hot highway roadhouse, complete with a motorcycle parked outside and a flame-painted roof. Clean out hole on back.

Cowboy Rooster Birdhouse

Cowboy Rooster Birdhouse - This hilarious birdhouse is literally a bird house! All dressed up in his Western finery, a plump brown bucka-rooster offers ample shelter to his fellow feathered friends. Free-swinging cowboy boot feet dance an amusing two-step in the slightest breeze!

Love Shack Birdhouse

Love Shack Birdhouse - The heart-shaped door gives it away: This is a little "Love Shack!" Amusing asymmetrical architecture is trimmed with forest treasures.

Baseball Lover Birdhouse

Baseball Lover Birdhouse - Do you love baseball so much that even the birds who flock to your yard know it? Your feathered friends will love watching the game while perched in this charming log cabin birdhouse! It features three openings and is decorated with batters helmet, baseball and bat.

Casino Birdhouse

Casino Birdhouse - You don't have to be born on the bayou to appreciate this waterfront casino birdhouse. Your feathered friends will flock to this whimsical structure to make it their home. It's decorated with dice, poker chips, and cards!

Country Store Birdhouse

Country Store Birdhouse - Tired travelers will find welcome shelter at this quaint resting spot! Cleverly detailed right down to the hay bales, this realistic miniature pays tribute to the rustic charm of the old-time country store.

Tiny French Bulldog Metal Sculpture by YardBirds

Tiny French Bulldog Metal Sculpture - Every Junkyard Dog Metal Sculpture is handmade in Kentucky by Bandana YardBirds. That means each one varies slightly from the other in its handcrafted appearance and attitude. All of the Junkyard Dogs are made with bare metal and naturally rust with age. That's their beauty!

Yardbirds Yoga Toad

Yardbirds Yoga Toad - This meditating, or Yoga Toad, is the same body as the Toasting Toad, one of our most popular items. This design is sure to catch the eye of your customers! That's the beauty of these creations!

Chubby Nut Chihuahua Salt and Pepper Shaker

Chubby Nut Chihuahua - All Salt and Pepper Shakers are handmade in Kentucky by Bandana YardBirds. That means each one varies slightly from the other in its handcrafted appearance and attitude. All of the Salt & Pepper Holders are clear coated to prevent rust. Salt & Pepper Shakers are included.