Yard-Talk blogging

Backyard Birds & Discovery Center has created a new blog for those interested in reading and contributing to writings focused on nature & gardens. This area is wide open for new ideas, experiences and historical facts around nature and gardening. We have started the blog with articles about heirloom gardening and a little history about glass bottle trees.
We invite you to read and comment on our articles. Those really interested in writing a few articles of their own should send us a quick email and express your interest. Send your request to blogging@backyardbirds.us.
This is a small sampling of our blog:
Heirloom gardeners preserve the plants of the past.
While driving along a country road, most people only notice the meadows filled with colorful wildflowers. It takes an heirloom gardener to distinguish a hard-to-find plant such as Dame’s-rocket from the common weeds surrounding it.
Heirloom gardeners - those who enjoy searching for and planting old-fashioned non-hybridized plants - don’t hesitate to hit the brakes and park alongside grassy embankments to get some cuttings or a few seeds.
The time they spend tramping through open fields or across cemeteries is their contribution to the preservation of seemingly rare cultivators. They also share their knowledge - and ofentimes, a few plants - with other gardening enthusiasts.
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